Growth Hacking Day 2018

Here there’s a short but honest feedback about the first edition of Growth Hacking Day, hosted the 28th of may in Milan. I can summarize in few lines the meaning of the whole conference:

  • Growth Hacker/Manager (GH) is a role in a horizontal team (dev, UX, marketer, and GH)
  • GH means to fast iterate through design, features, and marketing
  • you could GH with a low budget on ADV but you need to have a budget to have a team dedicated to the process
  • you should NOT use Growth Hacking techniques if your product is far from being complete
  • you should NOT use Growth Hacking techniques if your product has crappy UX
  • you can apply GH on a single AARRR funnel’s phase (optimizing them one by one) or on the entire funnel (ie. subscribing), but not on both of them at the same time


alessia camera woman stage growth hacking

Alessia Camera, the only woman on stage


Finally, something I wish the organizer improve for the next conference, 14 Jan 2019:

  • bigger screen with better quality. I was in the 4th row and cannot see a single word on the screen
  • less music while the host talking, fewer lights on-off while speakers are on stage. It’s a conference, not a disco pub
  • schedule available some weeks before the event. I bought a train ticket for the same evening and cannot attend the last talk (the best one). If I knew that, I’ll have booked a room and enjoy the event fully
  • human-friendly schedule. There was not a single pause in the whole day, nor in the morning or the afternoon, nor between the talks. If you wanna smoke a cigarette or if you need to go to the bathroom, you’ll gonna miss the talk
  • more room for question. The only moment where the audience was enabled to questioning the speaker was during the panel in the late afternoon. Questions are important, networking is important, human interactions are important.
  • more option for lunch and final appetizer. My co-worker is lactose-intolerant and cannot eat anything but a banana. At least be clear on what you’re offering and let people organize properly by themselves


All the tweets about the conference here.

See you at the next event: Florence Marketing Experience 2018!

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